Commercial A/V Applications

Sports bars and restaurants

Why not have Northern Lakes Audio Video upgrade your current ‘bulky’ tube TV’s to modern high definition flat panels. In some instances, no additional wiring is required. This allows us to upgrade with minimal disturbance to your employees and clientele.

Do you have a private party room. Why not have Northern Lakes Audio Video install a flat panel display on the wall with laptop connect ability. You can now rent out a meeting room to a B.N.I. or a Marketing group. Who knows, they might even stay for lunch or an ale afterwards.

If your currently installed sound system just doesn’t have the ‘punch’ required when the ‘big game’ is on, Northern Lakes Audio Video can increase the volume of your current system most often without a full system upgrade.

Does your dining area have inadequate sound control? This is where you need to control the volume independently in one area of your dining room to another. Northern Lakes Audio Video can give you the control you need.

Northern Lakes Audio Video also design and install projection systems, video walls, digital signage, remote access cameras and lighting control.

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Northern Lakes Audio Video designs and installs background music systems with paging capability. Speech Privacy systems are a must for medical, counseling, legal and executive offices.

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Do you have control over your vehicle fleet? With soaring fuel prices business owners have to have more control over the use of their company vehicles. Northern lakes Audio Video offers a selection of Fleet management Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that will allow complete control over each vehicle. The vehicle can be tracked in real time, running time, speed, location history, theft recovery, weekend personal use and more.

Have your fleet maintenance cost been affected by minor accidents backing up and vehicle blind spots? Northern Lakes Audio Video offers Back up sensors, Back up Video systems, blind spot warning systems,

Are your Employees distracted while on the road. Over 81% of accidents have been influenced by someone using their cell phone when driving. Keep your employees safe by installing Bluetooth hand free devises in your fleet.

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