Lighting Control Installations

Electricity prices have more than doubled in Ontario between 2010 and 2011. Prices have risen from approximately $0.049 per kilowatt hour to as much as $0.099 per kilowatt hour within the peak periods. Then the Government adds a 13% tax on top of that. Lights account for approximately 20% of your hydro bill. With soaring electricity costs such as this, does it not make more sense to install a lighting control system from Northern Lakes Audio Video.

In today’s home designs, vaulted and higher ceilings are becoming the norm. To change bulbs with ceiling heights such as these can be a daunting task. Usually a trade’s person has to be called in with scaffolding to change them. This can be expensive.

A lighting control system allows you to save money by conserving energy by operating your lights at lower intensities. It will also prolong the life of the bulb. For example, by dimming two 60watt halogen bulbs 35%, you can extend the life of the bulb to over 10 years and save approximately 28% on the energy costs to operate them. Have a look at the Lutron Lighting Calculator to see how much you could save.

With lighting control installations service from Northern Lakes Audio Video, you can customize the lighting themes throughout your home and you can do so much more. Our user friendly Touch screens make operation a breeze. Our solutions help you create a beautifully Illuminated home that responds to your lifestyle.

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