Commercial AV Products & Installations

Finding the right combination of audio/video products for your commercial establishment is a time consuming task if you are taking on the challenge yourself. With ever changing technologies, it can also be very costly when wrong choices are made.

Adequate staff training regarding your audio/video/lighting system is important. At Northern Lakes Audio Video, we understand that your down time away from your business is very important. Whether it is with family or on the greens. You don’t want to be receiving those ‘the Super Bowl is on and there is no sound’ panic phone calls from your employees when you finally get away from your business.

Restaurants / Bars

Northern Lakes Audio Video will ensure that as complex as your new system might seem, it will be easy to operate. For example in a Sports Bar, usually an employee, during opening and close, will be running around with numerous remote controls pointing them in every direction possible to turn everything on.

In a Northern Lakes Audio Video installed system you do the following: Pick up “one” remote. Push “one” button. Put the “one” remote back down. Done. All of your Flat Screens, projectors, sound, and lights are now on in their predetermined default settings for the button you pushed.

  • Northern Lakes Audio Video will train your designated employees in the operation of the system. A user manual will also be provided.
  • Northern Lakes Audio Video offers solutions for practically any type of commercial application using current technology
  • Whether it is new construction or upgrading your current establishment, we can help.

A Northern Lakes Audio Video System designer will meet with you to find out what your expectations are in your new system. We will discuss your budget allocation for this area of the project and payment schedules to ensure that all product arrives on time for your commercial av installation. This avoids any delays for final completion deadlines.

For renovations and upgrades, Northern Lakes Audio Video inspects your current system to determine if your current system just needs modification or replacement. Older systems sometimes just need some minor components added to allow them to work with current technology. This inspection can save you $$$$. We also determine your likes and dislikes about your current system so that you only have “likes” with your new system.

Board Rooms

Is your boardroom a collection of projectors, old bulky TV’s, wires and large speakers piled onto a rolling cart? Let Northern lakes Audio Video de-clutter your boardroom and bring your company into the modern age. From fixed mounted Projection systems with motorized screens to video conferencing ability’s. In wall speakers and lighting control make sure that your audience can hear every detail and there eyes can appreciate the full impact of your presentation. Too much light in your Boardroom? Northern lakes Audio Video can supply and install motorized blinds custom tailored to your room and décor.

Security / Cameras

Has your company been a victim of vandalism or theft? Have you ever received that call at 3am that your business security system has been activated and found yourself driving to your office only to find it was a false alarm. Northern Lakes Audio Video can provide a system that allows you to remotely monitor your business from home or even on your smart phone to confirm an intrusion before you rush out to false alarm. If an intrusion should occur your lighting system can be integrated to turn on at full intensity and stay on until the system has been disarmed by you.

Northern Lake Audio Video provides quality solutions for a variety of businesses that are looking for commercial av installations and commercial Audio Video products.  Our team of specialists will bring you to your next level of your commercial audio video experience. On time, on budget, no surprises.

To learn more about Commercial AV or for a FREE Evaluation contact Northern Lakes Audio Video today, for all your electronic sales, installations and service today.

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