The Advantages of Lighting Control Installations

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to lighting control installations.  Sure, the whole setup is neat when you’ve got it all set up, but shining light in tricky areas that are otherwise light is just part of the package.  Did you know that lighting control installations can save you a lot of money?

Here’s how it works.

  1. Light accounts for about 20 percent of your electric bill, but lighting control installations can help minimize that amount by making sure that light is used more effectively.  Sometimes all it takes is changing where the lights are located or which way the bulbs point.  An expert in lighting control installations will examine your home and look for minor adjustments that can add up to big savings on your electric bill.
  2. Lower intensities not only save you money, but make your home look better.  It’s true that we need a certain amount of light to see, but higher light intensities can be hard on the eyes.  While you’re trying to light your home, you just might be creating headaches for yourself literally if the lights are too bright.  Lighting control installations will allow you to use lower intensity bulbs throughout your home.
  3. You’ll spend less money on light bulbs each year.  When you have lighting control installations in place, using lower intensity bulbs will make them last 35 percent longer.
  4. Sometimes having the right lighting is less about saving money and more about the décor.  Lighting control installations cover all the bases, allowing you to create custom lighting experiences throughout your home.  If you feel like you’ve never got enough light in one particular area, a professional can help you figure it out.  Lighting is also an important part of the décor, so lighting control installations can be used to highlight parts of the room as well.

Lighting is one part of the home that is often overlooked until there is not enough light for a particular task.  But when you take control of the lighting in your home, the opportunities are unlimited.  Northern Lakes AV provides lighting control installations that will save you money and also make your home look stunning.  You can’t afford to forget about lighting until it is too late.  It should be part of your regular plan and also play a major role when it comes to making your home more energy efficient.

Four Tips for Home Theatre Installations and Systems

Often anything having to do with electronics is enough to scare most people off because it sounds like it will be complicated, but home theatre installations for your systems do not have to be difficult. They do not even require a lot of technical knowledge if you are just going for a very basic home theatre installation. No matter what kind of systems you have in place at home, there are certain rules and safety tips you should always follow.

  1. Always turn off the electricity. This tip for home theatre installations and systems should go without saying, but you would be surprised how many people forget to simply turn the power off to the part of the home they are working on.  This is a basic tip about safety when working with electronics.
  2. Check the surroundings. Before you begin setup, make sure that you have enough outlets in the area where your home theatre installations of systems will go. You should use a power strip for large amounts of electronics, but also consider things like airflow in the area. If your home theatre is blocked in too much and air is not allowed to flow around it, then thesystem could overheat. Having this happen repeatedly can damage it beyond repair.
  3. Make sure you have the right parts. Some electronics stores sell packages to help with home theatre installations for various systems. While these kits can help you make sure that you’ve got everything you need for the vast array of hook ups you’ll be doing, they can also be more expensive. To save a little money, it is always best to have a professional help you get what you need.
  4. Match colours with like colours. One of the most basic things you can learn about home theatre installations is to match colors with colors. Audio and video cables are colour-coded for a reason. Learn to follow the colours. Also read the labels on the systemsto match what you are connecting.

Of course if you have a more complicated system, it always pays to ask a professional. Hooking up a single television to a surround sound system is one thing, but when you have multiple connections being made, it’s time to call in an expert.

Northern Lakes provides home theatre installations and systems, including simplification of your remote controls, upgrading your equipment, and even programming your cell phone to turn all the lights in your home on when you get home.