5 Home Theatre Design Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

There is certainly no magic formula for home theatre design, but there are plenty of ideas to go around.  Home theatre technology has gotten to the point where pretty much anything you desire can be done.  All it takes is the birth of the idea and then the technological know-how to get it done.  The bottom line is, if you can dream it, then it can be done.

Here are 5 home theatre design ideas you’ll be calling up an expert to help you with:

  1. Solve the all-time number one question in home theatre design: “Which remote is it?”  Most homeowners are aware that there are universal remotes available, but the problem is that you have to be a techie to understand how to program one.  Thankfully there are home audio experts who do know how to do this so that you never have to ask that question again.
  2. Build an integrated system with sound in each room—but no wires.  This idea may seem like it’s asking the impossible, but an expert in home theatre can help you accomplish this.  These days there is no need to have wires running every which way.  It just looks cluttered and outdated.  An expert will help you streamline your system while also putting music from your stereo in every room in the most unobtrusive way possible.
  3. Put light controls in the palm of your hand.  When most homeowners think of home theatre design ideas, the lights are furthest from their minds.  However, this is one thing that can easily be taken care of by an expert who works on home audio.  Set access to the lights on your smart phone so that you can flip them on before you get home without having to leave them on all day.  You will have total control over your home.
  4. Stop bellowing to each other from room to room.  With an intercom system, you can easily communicate with other family members without having to yell.  This system can be built right into your integrated audio system so that everything works together perfectly.
  5. Match the décor with the equipment, and if it doesn’t match, then hide it.  There are many cabinets that are perfect to hide your home theatre systems in so that you don’t have to just leave them sitting out all the time.  Many of these cabinets can even be automated to operate at the push of a button so that you don’t even have to open them yourself.

Of course there are numerous things you can do with your home theatre design.  If you can dream it, a true expert in the field will be able to do it.  Today we no longer have to go to the cinema to get theatre quality sound.  All we have to do is have a system set up in our homes that provides an experience that is just as good as going to the movie theatre—only better because it’s right in your own home!

The experts at Northern Lakes are full of home theatre design ideas that will please any homeowner.  They will help you figure out which components will work best for the way your home is laid out.  If you are just replacing one component of an entire system, their technicians will also help you determine which component will be a good replacement that will still work well with the rest of the system.  There is practically no limit to what you can do.  Who need to go to the movies anymore?