Northern Lakes: Better than the Big Box

Northern Lakes Audio Video will help you maximize your home entertainment experience through custom and upgraded installations.  Our technicians are well-versed in high tech installations that put factory standard setups to shame.  As a private company, our specialized services greatly outpace those offered by major big box retailers.  For the most part, these retailers do provide excellent standard service, but that is precisely what they offer—standard service.  They can’t offer customized services because they have to pay franchise commissions and other components of high overhead.

Here are the key benefits to choosing Northern Lakes Audio Video:

  • Our technicians are fully trained and certified through CEDIA.  We also keep our techs up to date on the latest technologies by offering them continuing education in their field.
  • We offer quality service at a price that’s often as much as 30 percent lower than our competitors because we don’t have to deal with high overhead like big box retailers do.
  • Our specialists will help you create a home entertainment system that is easy to use and convenient rather than just standard.
  • Complete residential and commercial service in Barrie and the surrounding area.

We can also help you get rid of that pile of remotes on your coffee table.  Entertainment should not be confusing, so by eliminating some of the remotes you have to use, we take the fuss out of electronic entertainment.  We’ll get you set up with just one remote that controls all of your electronics.

Northern Lakes Audio Video carries the entire line of Universal remotes.  Our technicians will customize the remove for you so that you don’t have to wonder how to get your entertainment center to do what you want it to do.  With some simple programming, the push of a single button can turn on the television or stereo and dim the lights at the same time.  Electronics also now have their place with your hot tub.  New remotes can withstand water, so there are no concerns about dropping it into the hot tub or pool if you need to change the channel or adjust the volume.

We’ll even take care of all the little details you don’t normally think about when it comes to your entertainment system.  We can customize the lighting in your home to maximize your experience and create the environment you really want for entertainment.  How many big box retailers take the whole picture of your entertainment space into account?